Peace with ourselves and positive connections with others—whether friends, partners or lovers, families of origin, chosen families or communities—allows us to lead more satisfying lives.

Listen. Slide the weight from your shoulders and move forward. You are afraid you might forget, but you never will. You will forgive and remember.

—Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible


I work with individuals and couples who are in distress, who are experiencing long term or short term disconnection—depression, anxiety, conflict, grief, loss, fear or anger. Psychotherapy can heal that pain and disconnection, and provide a safe and caring space where you can be yourself (yourselves) without fear of judgment.

I am a warm, empathic therapist, who will meet you where you are at and will see and value the person you are and want to be. I utilize an interactive, engaged relationship-oriented approach to assist you in identifying and exploring the troubling verbal and nonverbal memories, messages and behaviors that impact your core self-esteem. We work together to increase your sense of well-being and enhance your ability to make choices that reflect your core values and aspirations.


The Big Question: Is it possible to change?

As a therapist and activist who has been committed to social justice and healing all my adult life—the answer to this question is—YES.